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Do You Need Title Insurance?

Title Insurance

If you are considering to buy a real estate property in Western Australia, opting for the title insurance could be a smart decision. Title insurance could protect you against some risks associated with the purchase of a real estate property. Such risks could threaten your legal ownership of the property. A competent real estate conveyancer in Perth can provide you with the information of only some risks associated. However, there might be some undisclosed or unknown at the time of signing your contract. To have the best protection cover against the risks, you could opt for title insurance cover. What…

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The Significance Of The Final Inspection

Significance of the final inspection

During the process of property purchase, you or an appointed person has the right of final inspection. Generally, this process is carried out during the 5 business days prior to the settlement day. The Real Estate Agent completes the final inspection with you. A reputed real estate conveyancer in Perth would be able to provide you with a Check List to use during your final inspection! 1. What do you need to check? During the process of final inspection, you should to check the following things: ➤ Check the Electrical and/or Gas connections and Appliances- Check all lights work both…

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