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About Foreign Transfer Duty
What You Need to Know About Foreign Transfer Duty?

The recent jurisdiction in Western Australia (WA) states that from 1st January 2019, foreigners purchasing a residential property in WA must pay an additional 7% stamp duty. This dictate comes in WA after being introduced in the other Australian states. Stamp duty surcharge or Foreign Transfer Duty encompass certain rules and regulations when a residential…

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Conveyancer
Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Conveyancer

If you are planning to buy or sell a property, enlisting the services of an experienced conveyancer is crucial. A good real estate conveyancer in Perth can assist you through the entire process of property settlements. They can guide you to get positive results within a short time frame from the transfer of ownership. However…

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FAQs When Selling a Property
Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Property

Buying or selling a property is a legal transaction procedure and it is recommended that you appoint a professional to ensure that your settlement is completed correctly and all your obligations are met. You should engage the services of a settlement agency in Perth to guide you in the entire process and provide you with…

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At What Point Do You Need To Choose A Conveyancer?

When it comes to the buying or selling of a property, there may arise the need to appoint a conveyancer. This is because a conveyancer can provide you with real estate settlement services, like advice and information, prepare documentation, and help you through the settlement process. It is important that the conveyancer is licensed to…

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e-conveyancing benefits
4 Benefits Of e-Conveyancing You Should Know About

In a historic law passed by the Australian government, e-conveyancing has been made mandatory from December 1st of 2018. The introduction of this new technology is all set to make buying and selling of properties easier, faster and more conveniently. What is e-conveyancing? The processing of all property transactions electronically is known as e-conveyancing. Since…

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electronic conveyancing
Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Conveyancing

As we slowly but gradually move to an online era, which is becoming paperless, there is now a process to make conveyancing electronic as well. In fact, the conundrum surrounding electronic conveyancing finally comes to an end as it is being mandated from December 1st. If you are still not sure about electronic conveyancing, here…

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