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The Hows and Whys of Electronic Property Settlement in WA

electronic conveyancing

What is this hype about electronic conveyancing? What is wrong with the manual paperwork that has been practised over the years? Well, if you are not aware, e-conveyancing is going to be mandatory from December, this year. All the settlement services in WAare educating themselves with the new concept to provide seamless services to their clients. Now, why the Australian Government took this decision and what was wrong with the previous methods of conveyancing via the paper-based system, has stirred a lot of debate. The main reasons for this change of medium can be attributed to faster transactions, greater certainty,…

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The Difference Between Joint Tenants & Tenants in Common


Home buying is not an easy affair. There can be implications when more than one buyer is involved and you have to choose between joint tenants and tenants in common. When two or more people own a home, either as a joint tenant or tenants in common, or a combination of both, each of the individuals own particular share of interest in the property. While joint tenants have a lot of similarities to tenants in common, especially with regard to their right of possession to a given property but also how land will be held in the event of the…

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